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Below are photos of equipment that was carried by the typical "Grunt" in Vietnam. ... A Pictorial Report on the Infantry's Gear and Life During the Vietnam War 1965-1975. From weapons we used to the beer we drank its all in here. Great quality photos! ... This bag was carried by our medics in the field.

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M-1956 Load-Carrying Equipment. The M-1956 Load-Carrying Equipment, the first major change in web gear since World War II, was introduced in 1956 and was used in Vietnam until the introduction of the nylon M-1967 Individual Load-Carrying Equipment.. U.S. soldier wearing M-1956 pack and webbing inspects a rice stockpile in Vietnam.

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Vietnam era Field Gear. Vietnam era Paper Ephemera. Vietnam Hats Helmets & Accessories. ... WWII Musette Medic First Aid Bag Carry Strap. WWII M1 Grenade Sight Carrying Case Pouch. Weapons Gun Oil Can. ... USMC M1941 Field Equipment Suspenders. WWII Spare Ammunition Bag Pouch.

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Gear Bags & Patrol Bags. Having your essential gear organized and with you can help make your day go smoothly when on patrol. No matter if you are a rookie police officer or a 20-year police veteran, having your patrol bag stocked and quickly accessible can …

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We can offer high quality JUMBO-BAGs at reasonable prices because we mass‐produce our JUMBO-BAGs at our factory in Vietnam. Same-Day Delivery from 10 Units We offer the shortest delivery time and small lot with the first inventory sales system in Vietnam.

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Here you will find our range of Vietnam conflict uniforms, and equipment, including original items. The section includes uniforms worn by the US Army including Special Forces, and also some Vietcong equipment.

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additional equipment m3 aid bag m5 aid bag 4 m1956 canteens. list of contents: surgical sheet with the medical caduceus jackson size 3 tracheotomy cannula 1 minor surgery field instrument 8 gauze petrolatum dressings 2 - 11 3/4 inch square dyed first aid field dressings 1 field eye dressing kit 2 army tourniquets 1 box of cotton swabs on a ...

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This medical equipment bag allows first responders to safely administer treatment and oxygen on scene for the critically wounded. This medical bag has color-coded modules to keep your supplies organized and ready for use while the side O2 compartment ensures easy access to EMS tactical gear.

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A complicated set of straps, also called "spaghetti straps". Use it to strap your sleeping bag or poncho with liner rolled inside, on to your M1956 suspenders. M1967 Web Gear. The M1967 Individual Load Carrying Equipment was a modernized version of the M1956, designed specially for Vietnam.

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12-11-2015· Pack, Field, Cargo 74-P-12-285 American soldier with M1 Garand rifle in the Philippine Islands, circa 1945 An Army M-1919A4 gunner carries an “M-1944” Combat Pack “M-1944” Pack Set in Europe “M-1944” Pack Set in Europe 2nd Infantry Division in …

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The M1967 Individual Load Carrying Equipment was a modernized version of the M1956, designed specially for Vietnam. The M1967 LCE did not entirely replace the M1956 equipment. Often M1956 and M1967 equipment were mixed together to form composite webbing, since both types were fully compatible with each other. The new equipment was essentially the same but…

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field pack. basic pouch. web belt <<< water bottle in case. The British Pattern 1944 Web Equipment was designed to replace the clumsy, noisy and heavy Pattern 1937 Equipment which was entirely unsuitable for jungle or tropical conditions. The Pattern 1944 was lighter (using mostly light alloy instead of brass fittings) and more comfortable, as well as being quicker drying and resistant to rotting.

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Vietnam Equipment: VE-1164 1950s US Coast Guard Officers Swords. ... right in the middle of his tenure. The central device is finely hand painted on both sides. The red field has quite a bit of mothing, and will need conservation, but a very ... VE-1123 Vietnam period shoulder bag for machine …

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The M-1936 Field Bag . In 1936 the Army introduced a canvas field bag for use by officers and mounted personnel. The bag was a copy of the British officer’s musette bag used during World War I. Rather than having shoulder straps, the bag could be attached to a set of cotton web suspenders, or carried by a single general purpose shoulder strap.

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Vietnam Equipment . During the war, a wide variety of equipment was used, far too much to cover here. ... However, the North Vietnamese did field Soviet produced tanks during the war, which became more powerful in 1973 when the U.S. left Vietnam. One of the most commonly used tanks was the Russian T-54 (or its Chinese variant, the Type 59).

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Vietnam NVA VietCong Field Rice Kit with rice bag. MSRP: $40.00. CombatSportSupply: $29.95. You Save: $10.05 (25 %) Vietnam NVA VC Field Rice Kit with rice bag, bowl and chopsticks. Made in Vietnam. Echo1 Vietnam M16 35 Round Mags 5-Pack. MSRP: $49.99. CombatSportSupply: $29.95. You Save: $20.04 (40 %) G&G M-14 AEG 470rnd Hicap Magazine.

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If you need preparedness kits to complete your emergency equipment, buy from the Galls - The Authority in Public Safety Equipment and Apparel

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M5 Bag. Here is listed what you should have in your collection to display a typical Medical Corpsman or ‘Medic’ in the US Army in Vietnam. Along with the basic rifleman’s equipment load the medic would have the M3 or M5 field medical kit as well as an M1911A1 .45 automatic pistol or an M16. Additional equipment. M3 Aid bag.

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Vietnam War US G.I. Items. Hessen Antique carries a nice line of reproduction and original U.S. Army Vietnam War G.I. uniforms and equipment. Here is a selection of Vietnam War themed items we have to offer. Vietnam War Field Gear. Vietnam War Footwear.

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The nurses in Vietnam were among the most heroic Americans there. They made great saces yet have not received the recognition and respect they deserve. Many nurses, usually women in their early 20s, volunteered to serve in Vietnam because they wanted to go where they believed they could accomplish the most good, even though they were heading into a war that was unpopular with much …

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Vietnam era Field Gear. Vietnam era Paper Ephemera. Vietnam Hats Helmets & Accessories. ... USAF Pararaft Kit PK-2 Equipment Raft Bag. Mess Kit Vietnam Era 1965. Long Range Patrol LRP MRE Ration Pack. ... Army 1964 Barracks Bag Vietnam Mint. Vietnam Era 45 Spare Magazine Pouch. US Army 1970 Dated Canteen Vietnam.

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nva 139 - captured viet cong equipment belt and 2 cell stick grenade pouch. the od canvas web belt features the large interlocking chrome plated star buckle along with grommets for captured us marine corps field equipment. attached to the belt is a cadaver cut 2 cell khaki canvas stick grenade pouch.

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Vietnam War era uniforms, including some quality Tiger Stripe gear, synonymous with the conflict. US Vietnam - Uniforms - Epic Militaria JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

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Bag company list , 365 , in Vietnam , include Ho Chi Minh,Hanoi,Ha Noi,HOCHIMINH,hcm,Vietnam .

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Serving police, fire, EMS, security. Shop for uniforms, equipment and apparel. Competitive pricing, largest in-stock assortment and trusted brands.

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Field Gear Set With Both Army and Marine Corps Gear. $125.00. Vietnam era basic field gear set with both US Army and USMC gear. The set comes with suspenders, belt, compass pouch, canteen and E-tool with cover. the... Availability: In stock.

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Serving police, fire, EMS, security. Shop for uniforms, equipment and apparel. Competitive pricing, largest in-stock assortment and trusted brands.

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13-06-2020· Manufacturing bags in Vietnam benefit small and mid-sized businesses that have a hard time sourcing their bags in China. For one, Chinese factories are designed for scale. They have higher-order quantities, and suppliers pressure buyers to increase the total volume of their orders.